125 | Jack Kirby 3D Glasses, Raising The Bar, Sword And Sorcery, Cover Layout And Inkers

Al starts off with a joke about Johnny Carson, and Don ties it in to Jack Kirby. Somehow it moves on to barbarian comics (again), charismatic people who front bands, comic book inkers (again), art reference and other ramblings.



Battle For A Three Dimensional World By Jack Kirby And Ray Zone.

The 3D Glasses That Appeared On The Tonight Show.

Kirby: King Of Comics By Mark Evanier.
Jack Kirby Single-Handedly Changed American Comic Books.

Osamu Tezuka Raised The Bar In Japan, And Everyone Upped Their Game.

Bat-Manga! The Secret History of Batman in Japan
by Jiro Kuwata for the weekly boys magazine Shonen King.

Conan The Barbarian 8 By Roy Thomas, Barry Smith And Dan Adkins.
With Some Cover Guidance From Stan Lee.

Kull The Conqueror By Roy Thomas, John And Marie Severin.

Tarzan By Joe Kubert.

Sword And Sorcery By Howard Chaykin.
Cover By Wm. Michael Kaluta.

Iron Wolf Ad By Howard Chaykin.

Fafhrd And The Gray Mouser By Howard Chaykin And Mike Mignola.

Iron Wolf By Howard ChaykinMike Mignola And P. Craig Russell.

Conan Meets Elric By Roy Thomas And Barry Smith.

Elric By Frank Brunner

Elric: The Dreaming City By Roy Thomas And P. Craig Russell.

King Kull From Creatures On The Loose 1
By Roy Thomas And Bernie Wrightson.

Jack Kirby Cover To Fantastic Four 177.

Avengers 156 Cover By Jack Kirby.

Claw The Unconquered By David Michelinie and Ernie Chan.

Claw The Unconquered By David Michelinie and Ernie Chan.

DC’s New Talent Showcase.

Badger 38, With The Backup Story, Rustler
By Roger Salick, Britt Wisenbaker And Ralph Cabrera.

Badger In Nexus 8 By Mike Baron, Steve Rude And Eric Shanower.

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