196 | Giant Monsters, 3-D Comics And Pullapalooza

More comments about the state of mainstream comic books starts the conversation off, which goes into the giant monster comics from Atlas, 3-D comics and ends with Pullapalooza.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Matthew SweetHi-Standard


Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC By Mark Evanier And Sergio Aragonés,

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125 | Jack Kirby 3D Glasses, Raising The Bar, Sword And Sorcery, Cover Layout And Inkers

Al starts off with a joke about Johnny Carson, and Don ties it in to Jack Kirby. Somehow it moves on to barbarian comics (again), charismatic people who front bands, comic book inkers (again), art reference and other ramblings.



Battle For A Three Dimensional World By Jack Kirby And Ray Zone.

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