231 | Howard Chaykin And Pullapalooza

Howard Chaykin’s Hey Kids! Comics! starts this episode off, and a long discussion of his work ensues. Don LOVES this guy. Pullapalooza happens at the end, and the Florida cities of St. Augustine and Ybor City are talked about as well.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Didges Christ SuperDrum


Hey Kids! Comics! By Howard Chaykin.

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125 | Jack Kirby 3D Glasses, Raising The Bar, Sword And Sorcery, Cover Layout And Inkers

Al starts off with a joke about Johnny Carson, and Don ties it in to Jack Kirby. Somehow it moves on to barbarian comics (again), charismatic people who front bands, comic book inkers (again), art reference and other ramblings.



Battle For A Three Dimensional World By Jack Kirby And Ray Zone.

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