137 | Man-Wolf, Mantis, Open Source Storylines And Movie Trailers

Al, Dallas and Don start off with Man-Wolf and his varied storylines, Jack Kirby drawing barbarians and his open sourced storylines, Steve Englehart’s oddball Avengers work and building on the stories after the original creators have gone. Somehow they finish with James Bond and movie trailers.



Creatures On The Loose 30 Featuring Man-Wolf
Cover By Gil Kane And John Romita.

Amazing Spider-Man 124 By Gerry Conway, Gil Kane,
John Romita And Tony Mortellaro.
Cover By John Romita.

Amazing Spider-Man 125 By Gerry Conway, Ross Andru,
John Romita And Tony Mortellaro.

Back Story Of John Jameson’s Transformation To Man-Wolf.

Space Rock Pendant.

Outer Space Has Never Fared Well For J. Jonah Jameson’s Son.

How Spider-Man Solved The Man-Wolf Dilemma.
Unfortunately Morbius The Living Vampire Stepped In Later
And Started It All Over Again.

Kraven The Hunter Goes After Man-Wolf.

Creatures On The Loose 30 Featuring Man-Wolf
By Doug Moench, George Tuska And Vinnie Colletta.

Years Later David Anthony Kraft, George Perez And Frank Giacoia Continued
His Story By Going To Another Dimension And Finding His Full Potential.

Al Says He Didn’t Care For This Direction, Which Is Fine.
On The Other Hand, Don Couldn’t Stop Reading Them.

Marvel Team-Up 37 Featuring Spider-Man And Man-Wolf.

Marvel Team-Up 36 Featuring Spider-Man And The Frankenstein Monster.

Giant-Size Conan 5 Cover By Jack Kirby, John Romita, and Joe Sinnott.

2001: A Space Odyssey 3, Marak The Marauder By Jack Kirby.

The Strange Love Triangle Between Mantis, Scarlet Witch And The Vision,
Avengers 125 By Steve Englehart, John Buscema And Dave Cockrum.

Mantis Is With The Swordsman, But Has Eyes For The Vision.
Avengers 126 By Steve Englehart, Bob Brown And Dave Cockrum.

And The Scarlet Witch Does As Well.
What We Found Strange Was The Vision Was An Artificial Being.
Avengers 126 By Steve Englehart, Bob Brown And Dave Cockrum.

The Synthetic Man Married The Scarlet Witch,
While Mantis Mated With An Alien Cotati Energy Being
Who Took The Shape Of Dead Avenger The Swordsman.
Giant- Size Avengers 4 By Steve Englehart, Don Heck And John Tartaglione.
Cover by Gil Kane, Al Milgrom, And John Romita.

Why Did Al Ever Think These Books Were Strange?

No Matter Who Steve Englehart Wrote For,
He Always Had A Mantis Character.

Ultron Created The Vision Using The Body Of The
Original Human Torch, With The Brainwaves Of Wonderman.

The Skrulls Make A Deal To The Kree And Cotati. The Winner
Will Be Granted Access To Their Technology And Knowledge.
The Avengers 133 By Steve Englehart, Sal Buscema And Joe Staton.

How The Blue Area Of The Moon Came To Be.

Problems Between The Kree And The Cotati.

And That Is The Beginning Of Kree-Skrull War.

OMAC: One Man Army Corps. By Jack Kirby.

O.M.A.C. By Dan DiDio, Keith Giffen And Scott Koblish.

James Bond.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer.

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