285 | To Buy Or Just Read?

Going to the drive-in movies during a pandemic and online Halloween parties take up the first quarter of the episode, but then goes into comic book series Invincible, 100 Bullets and dollar box finds. Comics about Bruce Lee and when Manga entered the mainstream American market finish out the fist half. After that it is the first 35 issues of the New 52 run of Wonder Woman, OMAC and a book Rook bought but has not read.



Ocala Drive-In.

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252 | Buck Rogers, Nexus And Drawing Styles

As always, we start off talking about something other than comic books, and this time it is the movie The Last Man On Earth, which led into Night Of The Living Dead, The Omega Man and I Am Legend. Then we talk about the Florida nuisance known as love bugs. We do talk about comics eventually.


Buck Rogers By Howard Chaykin.

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194 | Doctor Strange And Books With No Plan To Read

Al started the episode off with a rant about the Marvel executive who says diversity may have alienated readers, which led into a discussion on the price of comics today, trade paperbacks and the culture of comics. Unfortunately, all of that is gone, because Don trashed the first half of the episode before it was produced. Sorry about that.

The surviving half discusses books that we didn’t plan on reading, but ended up liking anyway. And Doctor Strange, there was a lot about him.



Marvel Executive Says Diversity May Have Alienated Readers.
And Here Is What The Beat Says About It.

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185 | The World Of Edena, Nod Away And The Undertaking Of Lily Chen

Moebius and The World of Edena is discussed in great detail. Nod AwayThe Undertaking Of Lily Chen, Prince Of Persia and Doom Force are covered as well,
but not as much.



Moebius Library: The World of Edena.

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137 | Man-Wolf, Mantis, Open Source Storylines And Movie Trailers

Al, Dallas and Don start off with Man-Wolf and his varied storylines, Jack Kirby drawing barbarians and his open sourced storylines, Steve Englehart’s oddball Avengers work and building on the stories after the original creators have gone. Somehow they finish with James Bond and movie trailers.



Creatures On The Loose 30 Featuring Man-Wolf
Cover By Gil Kane And John Romita.

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124 | Pullapalooza, Fantastic Four, Creatures On The Loose, Starlight And Conan

Al supplies a stack of comics, blindly pulls one out, and Pullapalooza begins. Listen as they discuss the Fantastic Four comics of the seventies, short lived DC comics of the seventies and eighties, Will Eisner, new Conan comics from Dark Horse and the Starlight trade.



Al Supplies A Bag Of Comics, And This Is What He Pulls Out.
Fantastic Four 178 By Roy Thomas, George Perez And Joe Sinnott.

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95 | Inspiration, Plagiarism And Filling In The Gaps

Conversation starts out with bean counters and idea looters, then quickly cascades into movies and television shows that you only heard about as a kid. The documentary SUPERHEROES A Never Ending Battle, Inkers for John Buscema and Gil Kane are discussed (again), and the fine line between inspiration and plagiarism.


TV And Movie Comics.

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91 | Creator Owned Comics, Black And White Explosion And Finding Comics Off The Rack

Walking Dead is mentioned which quickly turns to creator owned comics and the black and white explosion of the eighties. A comparison of Alex Toth and Jaime Hernandez occurs, as well as a short discussion of nineties comics, titles about villains, newspaper strips and finding comics off the rack.

And of course, more Fantastic Four talk. Whoo hoo!



The Walking Dead All Out War Storyline.
By Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard.

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45 | The Man By Vaughn Bode

Don, Rook, Dallas and Dr. Al ring in the new year with some exciting comic talk! We touch on the subtle grandeur of Vaughn Bode’s classic, THE MAN, and discuss in detail Guy Delisle’s graphic novel, PYONGYANG: A JOURNEY IN NORTH KOREA.

Rook discusses MARVEL NOW, the new line of reader-friendly Marvel Comics. He highlights THOR and THE INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, and then proceeds to bag on John Romita Jr.’s artwork on the new CAPTAIN AMERICA book.

After confusing ourselves trying to figure out who’s alive and who’s dead in the current X-Men books, Don discusses Alan Davis and Mark Farmer’s pencils on the X-Men through the years. Rook brings up the new HE-MAN comic by DC and we end the night by asking the question: when should we let our children loose to read more “mature” content in the comics world?

And here is some information about Tallahassee’s Secret Headquarters’ Unicorn Party.



We’ve Been Told That The Human Race Wouldn’t Get Past
Last Year, But Hello To 2013 Anyway! What Do We Do Now?

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