172 | Rebirth Overload, Organic Growth Comics, Fantastic Four Movies And James Robinson

The core four return with Baby Emily to talk shop about comics! Don gives the gang rose rocks from Oklahoma, Dallas considers his multiple attacks by animals this past week, and Rook *finally* swears off DC’s exhausting Rebirth series.

Big event books are compared to popular series that grew organically are discussed, along with  the lackluster Fantastic Four movies, Ang Lee films, Lady Snowblood, and James Robinson.



Rook Says Goodbye To DC Rebirth.


Wonder Woman.

The Killing Joke.

Camelot 3000.

Watchmen By Alan Moore And Dave Gibbons.

The Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller,
Klaus Janson And Lynn Varley.

Daredevil By Frank Miller.

Frank Miller’s Ronan Mini-Series.

X-Men By Chris Claremont, John Byrne,
Terry Austin And Tom Orzechowski.

Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1.

Hot Damn.

Dallas With The Ergo-Baby.

Fantastic Four Movie From 2015.
Fatman On Batman Interviews Josh Trank.

Fantastic Four Movie From Roger Corman.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Scarlet Witch By James Robinson.
Cover By David Aja.

Scarlet Witch By James Robinson.

Starman Written By James Robinson.

Golden Age Starman.

Lady Snowblood.

Lady Snowblood Manga By Kazuo Koike And Kazuo Kamimura.

Lady Snowblood Manga By Kazuo Koike And Kazuo Kamimura.

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