202 | Miracleman And The Avengers

Our friend Dan Pritchard joins us and hopes his interest in comics will return. Miracleman from the early 80s start things off, then goes into The Avengers line-ups a few years after that. We get off topic as always, and other podcasts Dan is involved in are discussed as well.



Miracleman Written By Alan Moore.

Warrior Magazine.

Miracle Dog Drawn By Alan Davis. It Took A Couple Of Years
To Learn What Happened On This Cliffhanger.

Miracleman Written By Neil Gaiman.

Duran Duran: The First Four Years Of The Fab Five By Neil Gaiman.

The Avengers Line Up From The Eighties.

Paladin In The Avengers.

Doctor Druid In The Avengers.

Star Fox Was In The Avengers As Well.

Don Thought Doctor Druid Was From The Golden Age,
But It Was Dr. Droom. So He Was Wrong Again.

Spider-Man Was Drawn Skinny In The Beginning,
And Many Artists Wanted To Go Back To That.

Captain Marvel From The 80s.

Death Of Captain Marvel By Jim Starlin.

Black Knight.


Moon Dragon.

Dan Wasn’t The Only One Who Didn’t Like Moon Dragon.

Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver.

Wonder Man.

My Comic Shop History.

Comic Vine Podcast.

Space Cave With David Huntsberger.


Professor Blastoff.

Monster Menace Was A Reprint Series Of Comics
That Contained At Least Four Stories Per Issue.

Sal Buscema.

Wacky Man: Rise Of A Puppeteer.

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