205 | Captain Confederacy, Color Theory And High Contrast Comics

The conversation begins with dollar box finds, then goes into color theory, high contrast and happy Batman. The world needs more happy Batman.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Steve Connelly And The Lesser Gods


Captain Confederacy From Steel Dragon Press.

Captain Confederacy By Will Shetterly And Vince Stone.

Captain Confederacy.

The Confederate States Of America.
1. The Confederate States of America  2. The Free State of Louisiana
3. The United States of America  4. The Republic of Texas  5. The Great Spirit Alliance
6. Deseret  7. The People’s Republic of California  8. Pacifica

Confederate Coming From HBO.

Europe Might Have Been In Better Shape If Germany Had Won WWI?

The Good War By Studs Terkel.

Ant Boy By Matt Feazell.

Ant Boy By Matt Feazell. Don Said He Did Smilin’ Ed, But Was Mistaken.

Smilin’ Ed By Raoul Vezina.

Jademan Comics. We Talked About Them On Episode 181.

Moebius’ Brilliant Color Design.

Batman: The Animated Series’ Backgrounds By Eric Radomski
Were Painted Over Black Poster Board.

Street Festival Spray Paint Artwork.

Micronauts With A Magenta Character Overlay By Michael Golden.

A Walt Simonson Overlay From The Mighty Thor.

Sin City By Frank Miller.

Floyd Farland Citizen Of The Future By Chris Ware.

Acme Novelty Library.

Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth.

Mister Monster By Michael T. Gilbert.

Mister Monster Was A Canadian Comic Character By Fred Kelly.

Batman Black And White Volume Two.

Ronnie Del Carmen.

Batman Adventures Holiday Special.

World’s Finest By Dave Gibbons And Steve Rude.

Happy Batman From Justice League Of America 22.

Amalgam Comics.

It’s About Time.

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