181 | Len Wein, Comics Timeline And Steve Ditko

The core four return to discuss Len Wein, the Golden, Silver, Bronze and the never ending Modern Age of comics. Pullapalooza and Strange And Stranger: The World Of Steve Ditko finishes it off.



Episode 181, Hulk 181. Dallas Saw The Number Connection.

Giant-Size X-Men 1.

Eerie Fan Fare Drawing By Len Wein.

Eerie Fan Fare Drawing By Len Wein.

Curt Swan’s Last Superman.

Another Curt Swan Cover. Just Because.

Many Say The Golden Age Of Comic Books Began With
The Publication Of Superman In Action Comics 1.

Showcase 4 By Robert Kanigher, John Broome
And Carmine Infantino, Presented The Flash
And Brought On The Silver Age.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow By Denny O’neil, Neal Adams And
Dick Giordano Was One Of The Events That Brought On The Bronze Age.

Jack Kirby Leaving Marvel Was Another.

Watchmen Was The Beginning Of The Modern Age.

Al Wants To See The Charlton Superheroes As Watchmen.

Doctor Fate.

Oriental Heroes 19.

The Blood Sword.

Drunken Fist.

Jademan Primer And Here Is Some Information About Tony Wong.

Inferior Five Number 4.

Superduperman! Was A Mad Parody That Influenced Watchmen.

Donald Duck Adventures 7 Mystery Of The Swamp By Carl Barks.

Hack Slash 27.

Strange And Stranger: The World Of Steve Ditko By Blake Bell.

Tales To Astonish 24.

Spider-Man And The Green Goblin.

Doctor Strange By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee .

Seeing Doctor Strange As A Kid Made Don Think Of These Alcohol Billboards.

Steve Ditko Created A Graphic Language Using
Vectors That Everyone Continues To Follow.

The Terror Of Tim Boo Ba! By Stan Lee And Steve Ditko.

Blue Beetle And The Question By Steve Ditko.

Captain Atom And Nightshade By Steve Ditko.

The Creeper By Steve Ditko.

Hawk And The Dove By Steve Ditko.

Mr. A  By Steve Ditko.

Shade The Changing Man By Steve Ditko.

The Destructor By Archie Goodwin, Steve Ditko And Wally Wood

Stalker By Paul LevitzSteve Ditko And Wally Wood.

The Amazing Spider-Man Was Drawn With A More Refined
Super-Hero Look Towards The End At Marvel.

Fred Hembeck Wants To See What Steve Ditko Looks Like.

Marvel Treasury Edition Showed That Steve Ditko Did Not Want To Be Seen.

Black Magic From Eerie 7.

Creepy 13.

Doctor Strange By  Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

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