270 | The Eighth And Locke & Key

We review The Eighth By Adam Lawson And Jorin Evers, and get an interview with Adam as well. The Netflix series Locke & Key is discussed,along with the comic books we have gotten during isolation.



The Eighth By Adam Lawson And Jorin Evers.

The Eighth By Adam Lawson And Jorin Evers.

The Eighth By Adam Lawson And Jorin Evers.

The Eighth By Adam Lawson And Jorin Evers.

Rook’s Birthday In Quarantine.

Deadpool Mug Tower And Wolverine Corn Holders.

Legendary Screen Printing.

The Eighth By Adam Lawson And Jorin Evers.

Escape The Night.



Dead Speed.

Locke & Key On Netflix.

Locke & Key On Netflix.

Head Key In Comic Book.

Head Key On Netflix.

Dodge In The Comic Book.

Dodge On Netflix.

Popeye From Max Fleischer.

Popeye By E.C. Segar.

Terry And The Pirates Serial.

Terry And The Pirates By Milton Caniff.

Calvin And Hobbes By Bill Waterson.

The Wind Singer By William Nicholson.

Ghost Rider 6.

Marvel Zombies.

X-Ray Robot 1 By Mike Allred.

Challengers Of The Unknown By Howard Chaykin.

Was Ringo Starr A Good Drummer?
The Podcast Something About The Beatles Talk About It.

3 thoughts on “270 | The Eighth And Locke & Key

  1. Happy birthday, and hopefully we continue to hear the Adventures of Old Man Rook. The cup are great but the Wolverine corn cob holders are Awesome, I’m the best at what I do an what I do best is eat corn on the cob.

    I loved Lock &Key on Netflix and it is still on my to read list. As well as Umbrella Academy.

    Marvel still does subscriptions , a coworker had one last year but said it was not very good the books don’t get shipped very well. I get emails from Marvel advertising Subscriptions every so often

  2. Thanks for the comments James.

    Both Marvel and DC had subscriptions back in the seventies, but they came folded in half with the post label stuck on the comic. It has got to be better than that now.

    • Lol. Unfortunately my coworker said they were shipped very sporadically and without any protection just wrapped in plastic bag. He had to ask for multiple issues to be replaced because of damage.

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