271 | Comics Old And Recolored

Even though no one read any comics this week, we talked about them anyway.



Fantastic Four 57.


Elektra: Assassin.

The New Mutants Drawn By Bill Sienkiewicz.

Eddy Current By Ted McKeever.

Doom Patrol Drawn By Ted McKeever.

Bone By Jeff Smith.

Rose By Jeff Smith And Charles Vess.

The Comics Journal.
The Harlan Elison Interview. Los Bros. Hernandez Interview.
And The Infamous R. Crumb Interview.

The Thing From Toy Biz.

March Modok Madness.

Arnim Zola.

Fantasy Masterpieces.

Teen Hulk.

Captain Marvel From M. F. Enterprises.

The League Of Regrettable Superheroes.

Captain Marvel And The Legal Issues.

The Bouncer.

The Dazzler First Appeared In X-Men 130.

KATT FM 100 In Oklahoma City.

Trey Aven.

Shootout At The Fantasy Factory By Trey Aven And Stephen Hill.

Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work.

Killing Joke Original Color.

Killing Joke Recolored.

Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali On Newsprint.

Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali Recolored On Slick Paper.

Heavy Metal.

Sun Eater.

Den By Richard Corben.

Roger Dean Views.

Heavy Metal Presents Ulysses.

Heavy Metal Presents Moebius.

Time Out III: The Pause That Refreshes By Val Mayerik.

2000 AD.

The World Of Edena.

1 thought on “271 | Comics Old And Recolored

  1. Good episode guys, thanks. Heavy Metal magazine was before me. I’ve seen a few but I should go back and give them a good look. I got the World of Edena hardback and it rules.

    Recoloring is a hard pass from me too. Aven is new to me but there’s a real character to his linework and backgrounds – cool.

    I read Detective Comics 1000 and nah. I preferred Marvel Comics 1000. Standouts for me in this were Hornschemeier, Araujo, and Sorrentino.

    Btw Al thanks for the nice reply you left me a few episodes ago. Keep up the good work all.

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