269 | The Dork Factor

Comic books that seemed odd, quirky or outright silly to an older audience that we loved as kids begins this episode, then moves into the influence one artist has to another. Everything finishes with drive-in movies.



Devil Dinosaur By Jack Kirby.


Devil Dinosaur By Jack Kirby.

Devil Dinosaur By Jack Kirby.

Devil Dinosaur By Jack Kirby.

Dingbats Of Danger Street.


Kamandi: The Last Boy On Earth.

The Losers.

Justice Inc.

The Sandman.


The Demon.

Space Ghost By Mark Evanier And Steve Rude.

Space Ghost By Joe Kelly And Ariel Olivetti.
Trade Cover By Alex Ross.

Carl Barks.

Floyd Gottfredson.

Floyd Norman.

Felix The Cat By Otto Messmer.

Felix The Cat By Joe Oriolo.


Supergirl: The Wolf-Girl Of Stanhope.

Jimmy Olsen.


The Doom Patrol.

Challengers Of The Unknown.

DC’s Gorilla Covers.

Doctor Strange By Steve Ditko.

Shade The Changing Man.

The Creeper.

The Hawk And The Dove.

Charlton Comics.

The Micronauts.

The Amazing Spider-Man.

Roy Krenkel.

J. Allen St. John.

Franklin Booth.

Joseph Clement Coll.

Gustave Dore.

Bernie Wrightson.

Frank Frazetta.

Hal Foster.

Jeff Jones.

X-Men: Children Of The Atom Drawn By Steve Rude.

Nexus By Mike Baron And Steve Rude.

World’s Finest By Dave Gibbons And Steve Rude.

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