281 | Hedra, Storytelling & Movies

We start off with Hedra By Jesse Lonergan and go into a discussion of what is storytelling? Comic toy tie-ins are talked about after that, along with staying home, muck monsters and several movies that not everyone liked, but some did.



Hedra By Jesse Lonergan.

Hedra By Jesse Lonergan.

Hedra By Jesse Lonergan.

Hedra By Jesse Lonergan.

Hedra By Jesse Lonergan.

Hedra By Jesse Lonergan.

Critical Error By John Byrne.

Pavlov’s Dog.

Esteban Maroto.

Frank Miller.

Jack Kirby.

The Twilight Zone From Gold Key.

Alan Moore.

Bruce Jones.

Watchmen By Alan Moore And Dave Gibbons.

Harley Quinn TV Series.

New Mutants Movie.

New Mutants Comic Ad.

Unleash The Archers Album Release Is Rook’s Background.


The War of the Gargantuas.

Frankenstein Conquers The World.

Godzilla From Marvel Comics.

Shogun Warriors.


Micronauts Annual 1 Drawn By Steve Ditko.

ROM Space Knight.

Captain Universe Drawn By Steve Ditko.

The Man-Thing Essentials.

Swamp Thing.

The Heap.

Savage Tales 1.

The Man-Thing 1.

Man-Thing Movie.

House Of Secrets 92.

Swamp Thing Movie.

Dr. Paul Bearer.


Yor, The Hunter From The Future.

Critters 3.

Swamp Thing Action Figure.

Usagi Yojimbo Action Figure From Antarctic Press.
Packaging Artwork By Stan Sakai.

Usagi Yojimbo On Netflix.

Rook With The Bio-Glow Swamp Thing Figure.

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  1. Another great show, thanks guys! I enjoyed everything from the hosts’ projects to the conversation and the interesting comics, art, music, and movies you uncover. Keep up the good work!

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