268 | The Unread Pile

Reading piles of comics laying around the house. Been pretty fun!



Marineman By Ian Churchill.

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100 | NFL SuperPro, Captain Citrus, Kool-Aid Man And Superhero Dream Teams

After a five week wait… the core four has come out of hibernation for an action-packed double-sized episode 100! Join Al, Dallas, Rook and Don as they argue who would make the best Superhero and Supervillain Dream Teams!


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96 | Long Running Series, Burroughs, Tarzan Comics And Glamorous Jungle Ladies

Changes in current comics, imaginary stories, Arnold Drake, variant covers and long running series by the same creators start out the show. Portrayals of Tarzan in comics, along with other Burroughs tales, glamorous jungle women of the forties, My Heroine Addiction, Captain Marvel, along with Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s Fantastic Four run to finish it out.



Eternity By Walt Simonson And Dave Gibbons.

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91 | Creator Owned Comics, Black And White Explosion And Finding Comics Off The Rack

Walking Dead is mentioned which quickly turns to creator owned comics and the black and white explosion of the eighties. A comparison of Alex Toth and Jaime Hernandez occurs, as well as a short discussion of nineties comics, titles about villains, newspaper strips and finding comics off the rack.

And of course, more Fantastic Four talk. Whoo hoo!



The Walking Dead All Out War Storyline.
By Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard.

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37 | Comic Book Letterers And The Art Of Typography

Once again, the whole gang is present, and thanks to Al we discuss letterers and the art of typography. What’s better.. digital fonts or traditional lettering?
We reminisce about some of the old school lettering masters such as John Workman, Moebius, and Tom Orzechowski. Don finds a way to slide in a Carl Barks comment,
and Dallas gushes about Dave Sim’s typographical masterpiece, Cerebus.
We then discuss “event fatigue” in the DC and Marvel universe, and Rook tastefully bags on DC’s New 52 concept. We talk about how boring the superhero “status quo” can be,
and how refreshing books like Spider-Man’s Brand New Day and Morrison’s New X-Men can be. There’s some creator-owned rights talk, and Don brings up symphonic music
to hammer home his point on artistic “innovators” and “cultivators”.
Oh, and Rook sticks up for Aquaman.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: The Brilliant Green


Not Only Could No One Draw Or Design Like Alex Toth,
No One Could Letter Like He Could As Well.
Yet, We Missed Talking About It On This Episode.

Comic Book LettererDesign • Computer Lettering

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