282 | Man-Thing & Weird Writers

Al has continued his reading of The Man-Thing Essentials while more talk of muck monsters and the people who drew them are discussed. The writers Steve Gerber and Doug Moench, the many storylines Ghost Rider has appeared in and the fluctuating price of past comic books almost finish it out. But Al asks Rook to explain gaming, which he does.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Craig Anthony Fountain


Man-Thing Drawn By Arthur Adams And Frank D’Armata.

Man-Thing Drawn By Val Mayerik.

Man-Thing Drawn By Mike Ploog.

Swamp Thing By Len Wein And Bernie Wrightson.

Swamp Thing By Alan Moore, Steve Bissette And John Totleben.

X-Men 144.

The Man-Thing In Micronauts 7.

Man-Thing Drawn By Gray Morrow From Savage Tales 1.

Void Indigo Graphic Novel By Steve Gerber And Val Mayerik.

Void Indigo Comic Book Series By Steve Gerber And Val Mayerik.

Howard The Duck.

Howard The Duck Newspaper Strip.

The Disney Suit And The Mandated Redesign.

(Friends Of Old Gerber).

Stewart The Rat.

Destroyer Duck.

Omega The Unknown.

The Inhumans By Doug Moench And George Perez.

Moon Knight By Doug Moench And Bill Sienkiewicz.

Spirits Of Vengeance.


Midnight Sons.

Mark Texeira.

Usagi Yojimbo Free Comic 2020.

Jack Kirby: The Epic Life Of The King Of Comics Free Comic 2020.

2001: A Space Odyssey Marvel Treasury Edition.

Super Friends Limited Collector’s Edition.

Tales From The Umbrella Academy: Hazel & Cha Cha Save Christmas.

Batman: The Adventures Continue 3.


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