297 | Supply And Demand

Eric / Promie joins the Core Four to share his first time foray of going down the rabbit hole of purchasing an in demand comic book he really wanted. Enjoy!


Batman Fortnite Zero Point 1 Variant Cover.

Batman Fortnite Zero Point 1.

Preserving Comic Books.

Fortnite. And Here Is A Trailer For Season 6.

Mad Magazine.


Pepsi Perfect From 2015.

Action Comics 1.

G.I. Joe Cobra Trainer.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Batman Fortnite Zero Point 1.

The Mighty Thor 337 By Walt Simonson And John Workman.

Excalibur Special Edition.

The Incredible Hulk 181.

Galactus On Fortnite.

Deadpool | Deathstroke.

Ready Player One Book.

Ready Player One Movie.

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