196 | Giant Monsters, 3-D Comics And Pullapalooza

More comments about the state of mainstream comic books starts the conversation off, which goes into the giant monster comics from Atlas, 3-D comics and ends with Pullapalooza.

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Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC By Mark Evanier And Sergio Aragonés,

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34 | Racial Minorities And Other Clumsy Portrayals

Warning: Technical Issues continue. We apologize for the terrible sound quality. We promise, next episode will be better!

Racial minorities have often been clumsily-portrayed in mainstream comics. Rook, Dallas, and guest podcasters Courtney and Hashbrowns discuss two of the most recent: Green Lantern’s coming out in Earth 2 by DC Comics, and the wedding of Northstar in Astonishing X-Men by Marvel Comics.



The Original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.