259 | Legion, November And Thor

Legion Of Super-Heroes and the many changes the comic has gone through takes up most of the show. November Vol. 1 comes up, then the many changes Thor has gone through takes up some more. We also question why Glactus keeps trying to devour the earth when it is obvious he can’t.

Then Marvel’s The End titles are coming back, and DC Black Label titles are talked about.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Deloris Telescope


Superboy: Legion Of Super-Heroes 198 By Cary Bates And Dave Cockrum.
Cover By Nick Cardy.

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191 | Leaving Megalopolis, Ex-Heroes And Pokémon Go

Leaving Megalopolis and dangerous super-heroes are discussed in this episode along with the continuing Ex-Heroes series. The conversation moves on into zombies and Pokémon Go.



Leaving Megalopolis By Gail Simone And Jim Calafiore.

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34 | Racial Minorities And Other Clumsy Portrayals

Warning: Technical Issues continue. We apologize for the terrible sound quality. We promise, next episode will be better!

Racial minorities have often been clumsily-portrayed in mainstream comics. Rook, Dallas, and guest podcasters Courtney and Hashbrowns discuss two of the most recent: Green Lantern’s coming out in Earth 2 by DC Comics, and the wedding of Northstar in Astonishing X-Men by Marvel Comics.



The Original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.