18 | Free Form

Happy New Year! Don and Al bring in 2012.

Rook’s off the grid, Dallas’ voice of reason is absent, and Al and Don go more free form than normal as they talk about things they know very little about (with no fact checking thanks to Don).

Who, besides providing the music, also wrote Cinema of the Philippines.

Coyote By Steve Englehart And Steve Leialoha.
How Many Copies Can Don Buy?
  And The Fantastic Lee Marrs.

Charleton Comics E-Man By Nicola Cuti & Joe Staton.

Rog 2000 By Nicola Cuti & John Byrne.

Al Talks About Sheldon Moldoff.
And Don Confuses Him With Sheldon Mayer.
Kapitan Ingo Which According To Don Starred Joseph Etrada
And Dolphy, When It Was Really Ramon Revilla.
That’s Three For Three Buddy, Stop Talking.
The Title Character In Kapitan Ingo Had An Anting-Anting.
You Can Read More Here If You Like.

It Was Said That This Man Had One As Well.

Tito, Vic And Joey. Kings Of The One Liners.
Santo The Masked Wrestler…
Who Went Into Film Acting…
And Became A Folk Icon.

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