306 | Star Wars And Valhalla

We start off with a shout out to the Deep Cuts Podcast and Al questions the 1974 album Relayer, then brings up the 1977 Star Wars comic that Don did not like. Bronze Age Burrough’s comics, The Maxx, The Mighty Magnor, Valhalla, Captain America And 6 Sidekicks Of Trigger Keaton are discussed as well.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Craig Anthony Fountain


Star Wars From Marvel Comics.

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238 | Steve Ditko And Ross Andru

The reprint series from 1984 Doctor Strange Classics starts the conversation off, going over Steve Ditko’s drawing skill and his flexible imagination. Other artists who worked on Doctor Strange, and the many great series Ross Andru worked on as well. A few random books finish the conversation.



Doctor Strange Classics By Steve Ditko And Stan Lee.

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194 | Doctor Strange And Books With No Plan To Read

Al started the episode off with a rant about the Marvel executive who says diversity may have alienated readers, which led into a discussion on the price of comics today, trade paperbacks and the culture of comics. Unfortunately, all of that is gone, because Don trashed the first half of the episode before it was produced. Sorry about that.

The surviving half discusses books that we didn’t plan on reading, but ended up liking anyway. And Doctor Strange, there was a lot about him.



Marvel Executive Says Diversity May Have Alienated Readers.
And Here Is What The Beat Says About It.

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46 | Local Horror Hosts Of The Past

A very exhausted Al and Don start the show off discussing local horror hosts of yesteryear, and learned that a few are still around and working. Then it went around to finding comics you didn’t get in the past, and buying comics you already have.



At The End Of The Fifties, Local Television Stations Employed A Host For The Horror Movies They Showed. Al Watched M.T. Graves And Don Watched Count Gregore.

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18 | Free Form

Happy New Year! Don and Al bring in 2012.

Rook’s off the grid, Dallas’ voice of reason is absent, and Al and Don go more free form than normal as they talk about things they know very little about (with no fact checking thanks to Don).

Who, besides providing the music, also wrote Cinema of the Philippines.

Coyote By Steve Englehart And Steve Leialoha.
How Many Copies Can Don Buy?