291 | Rogan Gosh, Millar And Dune

Finding Milligan and McCarthy in the dollar box leads this episode down a rabbit hole of eighties comics, National Geographic, online pricing compared to real life and books by Mark Millar. And since we have all read DUNE The Graphic Novel we discuss that again as well as comic books and prose adapted to other media. We finish it out with Dept. H and yet another Ghost Rider series.



Rogan Gosh By Brendan McCarthy And Peter Milligan.

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286 | Availability And Events

We start off with a question that does not get answered, then go into The Marvel Legacy Of Jack Kirby and some speculated changes in comic book publishing and distribution.Then we talk about events.


The Marvel Legacy Of Jack Kirby.

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203 | Valerian, Pullapalooza And Earth’s Final Chapter

Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 1 starts everything off, which sidetracks into the Squirrel Girl comic and the Valerian movie. Snow Piercer, listener mail and pullapalooza are discussed and we finish with a review of Earth’s Final Chapter From Endless Ink.


DOWNLOADValerian: The Complete Collection Volume 1.

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134 | Island 1, Heroes Inc., Planetary, 70’s Comics And Diverse Comics You Cannot Find

Dallas, Al and Don team up for a comic-filled talk! Don gushes over the impressive looking Island #1 featuring ID by Emma Rios, Warheads 2: Ghost Town by Brandon Graham and Dagger Proof Mummy by Ludroe. Name dropping ensues as Al and Don reminisce about Heroes Inc. by Wally Wood.
Not to be outdone, Dallas goes on and on and on about Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s magnum opus, PLANETARY. Al has some interesting commentary about some beautiful 70s comics including Marvel-Team Up, and George Perez’s Avengers run. Talk about how diverse the comics that are coming out of Image, like The Mercenary Sea, how hard they are to find, and how the movies don’t always translate to comic sales.

And If You Are In The Tampa Bay Area on Saturday, November 7, Drop By The BRASS MUG At 7:00pm – 12:00am To See Dungeon Boss In The Metal Extravaganza!!!

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Marky Ramone And The Intruders


Island 1.

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70 | Vinyl Records, French Comics, Strong Female Characters And Muck Monsters

Al and Don start off talking about John Severin, then go into humor magazines of the seventies, rising paper costs of the nineties, the evolution of brick and mortar bookstores  and the return of vinyl records.

Comic book artists streamlining styles as they progress, color work and uninked pencils are discussed, as well as comic book heroines, French comics and muck monsters.



John Severin Cover For Cracked.

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18 | Free Form

Happy New Year! Don and Al bring in 2012.

Rook’s off the grid, Dallas’ voice of reason is absent, and Al and Don go more free form than normal as they talk about things they know very little about (with no fact checking thanks to Don).

Who, besides providing the music, also wrote Cinema of the Philippines.

Coyote By Steve Englehart And Steve Leialoha.
How Many Copies Can Don Buy?