197 | Free Comic Book Day 2017

It is Free Comic Book Day so it is another road trip to Yancy Street Comics.



Don Thought Free Comic Book Day Started In The Nineties.
But It Began In 2003.

Tekno Comix And Their Mall Kiosks.

Nexus: The Origin By Mike Baron And Steve Rude.

Misfit City By Kiwi SmithKurt Lustgarten And Naomi Franquiz.

The Archie Library 8.

Valerian Free Comic By Jean-Claude Mézières And Pierre Christin.

The Incal By Alejandro Jodorowsky And Moebius.

Seventh Ink.

The Two Dimension Button.

Locke & Key Volume 1 By Joe Hill And Gabriel Rodriguez.

Betty & Veronica By Adam Hughes.

Rick And Morty By Zac Gorman, C.J. Cannon, Tini Howard And Marc Ellerby.

Bad Machinery By John Allison.

Spill Night By Scott Westerfeld And Alex Puvilland.

Barbie By Sarah Kuhn, Tini Howard, Jules Rivera And Alitha Martinez.

Hostage By Guy Delisle And Brigitte Findakly.

Attack On Titan By Jody Houser, Emi Lenox And Paolo Rivera.

Miraculous By Bryan Seaton, Thomas Astruc, Nicole D’Andria And Brian Hess.

The Walking Dead By Robert Kirkman And Charlie Adlard.

Wonder Woman By Greg Rucka And Nicola Scott.

Clockwise From Left: Al Val, Don Moore, José, Chris, Jim Johnson,
Dallas Busha And Rook Murphy.

Sunstone 1 By Stjepan Šejić.

I Hate Image By Skottie Young.

Secret Empire By Nick Spencer And Andrea Sorrentino.

Legend Of Zelda By Akira Himekawa.

Monster High By Abby Denson And Arianna Florean.

DC SuperHero Girls By Shea Fontana And Yancey Labat.

Guardians Of The Galaxy By Gerry Duggan, Aaron Kuder And Ive Svorcina.

Powerpuff Girls.

Century By Alan Moore And Kevin O’Neill.

Yancy Street Didn’t Have The Valerian Free Comic, But Wilson’s Book World Did!

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