236 | Random Comparisons

The quote “how do you describe a color, that only you’ve seen?” is read, and Al runs off with it. Movies and stories on color, comics that were bought but not read, and odd random comparisons Don started making on past cartoonists.


Die Monster Die!

The Colour Out Of Space From H.P. Lovecraft.

The Haunted Palace.

Alan Moore And The F Sharp Bell.

Metamorpho Year One.

Galactus The Devourer.

The Avengers 277.

The Avengers 270.

Skull The Slayer.

Skull The Slayer.

Batman Noir.

Orb Compendium By Mike Hoffman.

Mike Hoffman.

Mike Hoffman.

Tom Yeates.

Alice Cooper By Tom Sutton And Terry Austin.

Alice Cooper By Tom Sutton And Terry Austin.

Dick Ayers Inks.

Reed Crandall.

George Evans.

Matt Baker.

Russ Heath.

Idyl I’m Age By Jeff Jones.

The Studio.


Jack Cole’s Deadly Horror.

Plastic Man By Jack Cole.

Web Of Evil By Jack Cole.


True Believers #1 The Fantastic Four.

True Believers #1 Hellcat.


The Movie Showed¬†Underwater Splendor Like Namor’s Kingdom In The Sixties.

The Submariner By Bill Everett.

Bill Everett’s Later Work.

Basil Wolverton.

Dan Adkins.

Swamp Thing Halloween Horror.

Marvel Collectors’ Item.

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