260 | Ghost Rider, 2099, 3 Jokers And The Multiverse

Ghost Rider and the return of the 2099 series starts it off, and we question who in the Marvel universe has not been made a herald for Galactus and what Doctor Doom must smell like?

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Steve Martin CarolRoy Loney


Cosmic Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider 2099.

Spider-Man 2099.

Original Ghost Rider 2099.

X-Men 2099 From The 90s.

Original Spider-Man 2099.

Ed Brisson Writes Both 2099 And The Current Run Of Ghost Rider.

Fantastic Four 57.Fantastic Four 57.

Doctor Doom From Fantastic Four: The End.

Doom 2099.

Batman Beyond.

Young Justice Animated.

Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker.

Joker From The Batman.

Current Batman Beyond Comic.

Joker Movie.

King Of Comedy.

Red Hood.

Jason Todd’s Tenure Ended With Batman Death In The Family.

Under The Red Hood Animated.

Avengers 161.

Captain America 132.

The Batman That Laughs.

Batman 47.

Crisis On Infinite Earths.

The Flash 123.

Captain Britain And The Omniverse.

Excalibur 14.

Arrowverse – Two Flashes.

ArrowverseThree Supermen.

Superman Returns.

Captain Marvel Switches With Rick Jones.

Captain Marvel.

With One Magic Word… Shazam!

With One Magic Word… Shazam! 30.

The Mighty Thor Is A Captain Marvel Style Character.

Darna Is Another One.

4 thoughts on “260 | Ghost Rider, 2099, 3 Jokers And The Multiverse

  1. Fun show guys. I started collecting Batman (and comics) around the Death in the Family. Then they brought in a third circus orphan to replace the one they just killed. Whom they reanimated, shoe-horned into some Alan Moore ideas (DC’s favorite pastime). I checked out some current Batman comics and now there’s a fourth (fifth?) new one. “Batman needs a Robin,” because otherwise he gets too dark to understand this mess.

  2. The Tim Drake Robin was really popular when he first came out, but I only knew him from the animated series. I didn’t realize there have been other Robins.

    But you are correct, DC mines Alan Moore’s ideas to death, and even though I love Batman solo stories, he does need a Robin.

    • Thanks for the reply, Don. It’s funny the way we come to these characters in other media – like the first Robin I knew was Burt Ward. There’s a bit of him in the Teen Titans Go cartoon, where the character is a stickler for the rules and is funny. (My kid watches it – yeah that’s my excuse haha.)

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