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Movies with steampunk or science fiction ties that have connections to innovative animators start this one off,which leads into influences artists have from one another and candy we liked (or didn’t like) as kids. Random comics finish this one out, including Al’s newfound interest in the Legion. Enjoy!



The Wild Wild West.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

The Time Machine.

The First Men On The Moon.

Fantastic Voyage.

Ub Iwerks.

Popeye By Max Fleischer.

Superman By Max Fleischer.

Popeye Inbetween Test Jack Kirby Had To Take.

Popeye Movie With Robin Williams.

Flash Gordon With Sam Jones.

Flash Gordon By Alex Raymond.
The Reprints WERE By Pacific Comics Club. Scott Was Right, And Don Was Wrong.

Buster Crabbe As Flash Gordon.

Steve Holland As Flash Gordon.

James Bama Used Steve Holland Ad A Model For Doc Savage.

The Spirit With Sam Jones.

The Phantom With Billy Zane.

The Shadow With Alec Baldwin.

The Spirit By Will Eisner.

Midnight By Jack Cole.

Ron Cobb.

Steve Ditko.

Jerry Robinson.

Joe Kubert.

Comic Reprints In Paperback Form.

Wax Soda Bottles.
And Here Is All We Could Find On Cherry-Its.

Pop Rocks.

Silver Surfer Annual 1.

Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes 216 Introduces Tyroc.

Superboy And The Legion Of Super-Heroes 222.

Mystery In Space 81.

ComicBase 2020.

Retief By Dennis Fujitake And Jan Strnad.

Retief By Keith Lamar.

Matt Howarth’s Particle Dreams.

Matt Howarth’s Particle Dreams.

Keef Llama Xeno-Tech.

Terry Jones.

1 thought on “261 | Movies, Cartoons And Comics

  1. Great show guys. Loved hearing the behind the scenes stuff with Fleisher and Disney, pencillers like Jerry Robinson, and so on. Glad to hear Moebius and Kirby were good dudes. Once I was at a show and John Byrne was there, standing up at the table, in front of his desktop podium, lording over us all. I was avoiding him in my nervousness. But my ladyfriend walked right up to him and says, “Who are you?” I almost did a spit take. But she was smiling and after going “Uh, uh” he was totally friendly and accommodating to her.

    Thanks for including my little tune and for talking ukulele. Don Ho’s band leader, ukulelist Benny Chong, is still around and playing jazz (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6y0mNVR03A). George Harrison had a place in Kauai and he’d go over to Honolulu and buy the whole stock of the oldest uke maker, Kamaka, and give them to his friends. You’ve probably seen George and Paul playing ukes in George’s garden from the Beatles Anthology.

    One more thing – I’m into local music and underground scenes so I’d enjoy hearing more stuff from Tampa, Texas, your own stuff, anything like that, in addition to the comic book and fan discussions.

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