260 | Ghost Rider, 2099, 3 Jokers And The Multiverse

Ghost Rider and the return of the 2099 series starts it off, and we question who in the Marvel universe has not been made a herald for Galactus and what Doctor Doom must smell like?

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Steve Martin CarolRoy Loney


Cosmic Ghost Rider.

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9 | Animated Comic Series

Dallas and Rook are out of town, so Don and Al get to talk animation!! They start with the mediocre 60’s Marvel cartoons and continue with everything under the sun including 8 Man, Prince Planet, Casper, Josie and the Pussycats, The Super-friends, and popular 80’s cartoons, as well as Alex Toth’s How A TV Cartoon Is Made. They go off about Batman’s pop culture influence, and rave about the 1940’s Fleischer Studios Superman animated show. And even though Don forgot who they were, musical spotlight: THE JURY. Yet another shout-out to our boy James, and WHAT ARE YOU READING featuring Captain Easy and Ghost World.


Don’s favorite cartoon, Prince Planet
Astro Boy By Osamu Tezuka