284 | Younger Readers And Fun Comics

When kids discover comic book characters in video games and want to learn more, what would you recommend? We talk about the fun and fantastic of comic books from the past and give our thoughts on what happens when creator’s continue to work.


Marvel Epic Collection: Fantastic Four.

Fantastic Four 29.

Johnny DC Imprint.

Spidey Super Stories.

The Amazing Spider-Man.

Jimmy Olsen By Matt Fraction And Steve Lieber.

What happened To Fun And The Fantastic In Comics?
Here Is The John Workman Interview.

Batman Movie From 1966.

Chris Samnee.

Comics Scene Magazine Cover By Todd McFarlane

The Amazing Spider-Man 306 By David Michelinie And Todd McFarlane.

Rob Liefeld.

Comic Book Sales From 1966.

Adventure Comics 416.

Gerry Conway’s Thoughts On Current Comics.

Carl Barks Never Saw Anyone Buy His Comics.

But Al Did See Someone Buy His.

True Believers The Amazing Spider-Man.

True Believers The Inhumans/Black Widow.

True Believers The Avengers.

Marvel Masterworks: Strange Tales.

Betty And Veronica Spectacular 138 From 1966. Cover By Dan DeCarlo.
This Was Al’s Favorite Period For DeCarlo’s Work.

Betty And Veronica 260 From 1977. Cover By Dan DeCarlo.
This Was Don’s Favorite Period For DeCarlo’s Work.

PEP Comics 400 From 1985. Cover By Dan DeCarlo.

Betty And Me 137 From 1984. Cover By Dan DeCarlo.

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