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Don confuses Mort Meskin with Win Mortimer, not because of art styles but because they both share the name Mort in some fashion. He does the same with Mark Teixeira and Tex Blaisdell. The Wertham hearings, Charles Lindbergh, History Of Animation. series we continue to read and The Defenders are talked about as well.



Totem Poles Drawn By Mort Meskin.

Battle Of The Planets Drawn By Win Mortimer.

The Tornado Twins Drawn By Win Mortimer.

Win Mortimer.

The Cosmic Game Of Doom Drawn By Mort Meskin.

Judgement On Asteroid Mynos Drawn By Mort Meskin.

The Girl From Two Worlds Drawn By Mort Meskin.

Prisoner Of The Empty Quarter Drawn By Mort Meskin.

Batman Drawn By Frank Robbins.

Rip Hunter… Time Master Drawn By Ruben Moreira.

The Invaders Drawn By Frank Robbins.

Johnny Hazard By Frank Robbins.

Comics Drawn By Ogden Whitney.

Romance Comics Drawn By Ogden Whitney.

Herbie Drawn By Ogden Whitney.

Bob Powell.

Bob Powell.

Matt Baker.

The Mighty Crusaders Drawn By Paul Reinman.

The Avengers Drawn By Don Heck.

Carmine Infantino’s Seven Things Guaranteed To Sell A Comic If Shown On The Cover.

To Kill A God By Wally Wood.

The Ten-Cent Plague By David Hajdu.

Micky Mouse Admires Charles Lindbergh In Plane Crazy.

Mark Teixeira.

Mark Teixeira Inked Over Javier Saltares.

Tex Blaisdell.

Comic Book History Of Animation 1 By Fred Van Lente And Ryan Dunlavey.

Bambi Was Written Before WWII.
Here Is Some Information About Walt Disney And WWII.

True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee.
And Here Is What Roy Thomas Has To Say.

Sunstone: Mercy.

Alex + Ada.

Skype Photos Taken By Al.

The Defenders Essential Volume 1.

The Defenders.

Giant Size Defenders 1.

Justice League Animated: The Terror Beyond.

The Defenders TV Show.

Marvel Treasury Edition 12: Howard The Duck.

Ghost Rider In The Defenders.

Moon Knight Was In The Avengers.

The Defenders Had Moon Knight Back In The Day.

Captain America And The Falcon Written By Steve Englehart.

Was Captain America Ever A Woman?

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