135 | 20th Century American Horror Comics

Welcome to the Halloween Episode! Join Dallas, Al and Don as they explore the classic horror comics of the past. The boys discuss the roots of 20th Century American horror comics, sensationalized in the EC line – most notable Tales from the Crypt. Dallas and Al go into detail on Warren Publishing and their “Creepy” and Eerie” line. The famous horror artists are discussed, such as Graham Ingels, Reed Crandall, Gray Morrow, Bernie Wrightson, Frank Frazetta, and more.

DCs pre-Vertigo horror line is brought up, including The House of Secrets and it’s hosts, Cain and Abel. Al reminisces about Vampirella, and Dallas gushes over From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. Other points of interest include Skywald Publications and Dead of Night featuring the Scarecrow.

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From Hell By Alan Moore And Eddie Campbell.

From Hell By Alan Moore And Eddie Campbell.

Born In Blood By John J. Robinson.

Tales From The Crypt Cover By Jack Davis.

Tales From The Crypt Cover By Jack Davis.

Graham Ingels’ Work For EC’s Horror Titles.

Creepy 91 Cover By Frank Frazetta.

Eerie 49 Cover By Enric Torres.

Eerie Tales.

Tell-Tale Heart By Archie Goodwin And Reed Crandall.

Tell-Tale Heart By Archie Goodwin And Reed Crandall.

Creepy’s Loathsome Lore! Artwork By Gray Morrow.

Vampirella 57 Cover By Enric Torres.

Jennifer By Bruce Jones And Bernie Wrightson.

Gargoyle By Archie Goodwin And Angelo Torres.
From An Idea By Roy Krenkel.

Mad Magazine Story Drawn By Mort Drucker.

Mad Magazine Story Drawn By Angelo Torres (The Other Mort Drucker).

Mad 89 Cover By Norman Mingo.

Vampirella Cover By Frank Frazetta.

Tales Of Voodoo From Eerie Publications.

Psycho From Skywald.

Scream From Skywald.

Dead Of Night Featuring The Scarecrow
By Scott Edelman and Rico Rival.
Cover By Gil Kane and Bernie Wrightson.

Cain And Abel By Andy Bennet.

2 thoughts on “135 | 20th Century American Horror Comics

  1. I really enjoyed this podcast and I have already ordered a copy of From Hell. I respect the courage you displayed by talking about the Free Masons on a public forum and wish you the best with that…. I also learned that when Dallas says he will edit something out in post production, he is not to be trusted. Only in America! All my best from the place where yes, “We all talk like that.”

    • From Hell is a great book, you did yourself a favor by ordering it. Nothing derogatory was said while discussing the Masons, and everyone knows that Dallas is a prankster. Thanks for listening.

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