174 | Halloween, Bernie Wrightson And Doom Patrol

Join Don, Al and Dallas as they reminisce about Halloweens past!  The gang fumbles over their knowledge of the origins of Halloween, and Al relishes over Creepy Presents: Bernie Wrightson and explains the Egyptian tradition of a beetle on a string.

Then Don discusses DC’s new YOUNG ANIMAL imprint, including Doom Patrol and Shade the Changing Girl. After that, we plug Slow Robot a Go-Go and DaddyMindTricks.com

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett


Donald Duck: Trick Or Treat By Carl Barks.

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135 | 20th Century American Horror Comics

Welcome to the Halloween Episode! Join Dallas, Al and Don as they explore the classic horror comics of the past. The boys discuss the roots of 20th Century American horror comics, sensationalized in the EC line – most notable Tales from the Crypt. Dallas and Al go into detail on Warren Publishing and their “Creepy” and Eerie” line. The famous horror artists are discussed, such as Graham Ingels, Reed Crandall, Gray Morrow, Bernie Wrightson, Frank Frazetta, and more.

DCs pre-Vertigo horror line is brought up, including The House of Secrets and it’s hosts, Cain and Abel. Al reminisces about Vampirella, and Dallas gushes over From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell. Other points of interest include Skywald Publications and Dead of Night featuring the Scarecrow.

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From Hell By Alan Moore And Eddie Campbell.

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38 | The Natural Progression Artists Go Through If They Work At It Long Enough

Al and Don take the helm as they discuss the work of Joe Kubert. Gil Kane and the natural progression artists go through if they work at it long enough.



An Example Of Joe Kubert’s War Comics Work.

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