210 | Dollar Box Finds And Other Stories

Al and Don cross the bay into Tampa to search through the dollar boxes at Comics & Stuff. Rondo Hatton, The Mighty Thor and Blade Runner are discussed as well.



The Infinite Loop By Pierrick Colinet And Elsa Charretier.

The Infinite Loop By Pierrick Colinet And Elsa Charretier.


Velvet By Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting And Elizabeth Breitweiser.

Editors vs. Retailers At NYCC 2017.

Rondo Hatton.

Rondo Hatton.

The Rocketeer By Dave Stevens.

The Rocketeer Comic With Rondo Hatton.

The Rocketeer Movie.

Rondo Hatton In The Rocketeer Movie.

Tor Loves Betty.

Tor Johnson By Drew Friedman.

Iron Wolf Reprint.

Weird Worlds.

Sword And Sorcery.

Carson Of Venus From Korak: Son Of Tarzan.

Tarzan From Gold Key.

Tarzan From Dell Comics.

Dagar The Invincible By Jesse Santos.

The Eternals King Size Annual 1.


Supergirl 11, Gil Kane On The Cover And Bob Oksner Inside.

Star Hunters.

Future Quest 3 Drawn By Steve Rude.

The Infinite Loop By Pierrick Colinet And Elsa Charretier.

The Infinite Loop By Pierrick Colinet And Elsa Charretier.


Thor: Ragnarok Movie.

The Executioner From The Mighty Thor 362.

Balder Spoke.

Hela’s Ship Made From Dead Men’s Fingernails.

Thor Busts Hela’s Face.

Hela Disfigures Thor.

The Executioner’s End.

Thor 355 Drawn By Sal Buscema.

Balder The Brave.

The Mighty Thor 380.

Sal Buscema On Comic Geek Speak.

Blade Runner Button Promoting The Film.

Logan’s Run Comic Adaptation.

Blade Runner.

The City In Blade Runner Was Based Off
The Long Tomorrow By Dan O’Bannon And Moebius.

1 thought on “210 | Dollar Box Finds And Other Stories

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my 2 favorite Holidays.
    I saw Thor Ragnarok in Theaters with my family, we all loved it. It was just as awesome as Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. If you get the chance to see it do so. Thor Ragnarok is full of references from the comics, like the M16s of the Excutioner, many Jack Kirby art references, Planet Hulk story lines. It was such an awesome film experience my two sons haven’t stopped talking about it.

    I have all 11 issues of Velvet but have not read it yet, I look forward to reading it.

    Al I think that your correct in your assumptions that Marvels slumping sales are a direct result from their push for diversity in their comics. Diversity in comics is important and should be embraced. Everyone wants to relate to the characters they read, but I think it should be done in an organic manner. It seems that Marvel has recently made a lot of changes to its current roster of heroes in the area of gender and race. All of these changes have taken place in a very short time without much set up or any real reason other than the fact that Marvel wanted to. I think Marvel has some popular characters that would qualify as diverse but they were done in a manner that was (A) part of a story that has grown (B) did not disregard or replace the original characters. Examples would be Ultimate Spider man Miles Morales, Spider Gwen, and Ms Marvel Kamila Khan. I have also noticed that now everything is being politisized, even our entertainment. We are used to our news being brought to us in either a conservative or liberal slant depending on which channel you choose from. But now it is not only the news it is our sports coverage and our entertainment and what we choose to read. Disney is a very liberal company and they own Marvel and it is being reflected in the pages of their comics. I think the diversity they want has not been properly introduced or implemented.

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