209 | Mister Miracle, Espers And Underground Comix

Dallas is back, and he wants to talk about Halloween! Unfortunately Mister Miracle and his different creative teams, Espers, EC and underground comix are what we talk about. The holliday is discussed a little bit at the end.



Mister Miracle By Tom King And Mitch Gerads.

The Vision By Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez Walta
And Jordie Bellaire.

Mister Miracle By Tom King And Mitch Gerads.

Mister Miracle By Tom King And Mitch Gerads.

Mister Miracle And Big Barda.

Mister Miracle By Steve Englehart And Marshall Rogers.

Mister Miracle By Steve Gerber And Michael Golden.

Mister Miracle By Mark Evanier, Steve Rude And Mike Royer.

Espers By James D. Hudnall, David Lloyd And John M. Burns.
James Hudnll’s San Diego Panel Can Be Heard Here.

Espers By James D. Hudnall And David Lloyd.

Espers By James D. Hudnall And John M. Burns.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mother Entropy By
Jim Starlin, Alan Davis, Mark Farmer And Matt Yackey.


On The Wings Of A Bird.

Al Asks If Anyone Can Identify This Jack Davis Panel?

Forrest J. Ackerman’s Mystery Photo.

Tales From The Crypt From EC, Which We
Knew Nothing About In The Seventies.

Star Reach.

Zap Comixs.

The First Kingdom.

Vaughn Bode.

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

Boiled Angel By Mike Diana.

Cherry Poptart.

Yummy Fur.

The Gospels In Yummy Fur.

The Book Of Genesis Illustrated By Robert Crumb.

Wonder Wart-Hog.

Fat Freddy’s Cat.

Some Of The Underground Comix Publishers Were…
Last Gasp • Print Mint • Rip Off Press




How Donald Duck And Peanuts Saved Halloween.

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