274 | What Are They Doing Now?

Storage for comics and magazines start the conversation off, but almost immediately goes into music, humor magazines and things that are hard to find. Then Al starts asking about comic book distribution and what past artists are doing now. Scott answered a couple, but not all.


Comic Book Storage.


Final Mad Magazine With New Al Jaffee Material.


John Severin.

William Stout.

The Who’s Zoo.

Will Elder.

Russ Manning.

Steve Rude.

Richard Corben.

Heavy Metal.

Heavy Metal Movie.

Looking For Mr. Goodbar.

Barry Smith’s Unfinished Thing Graphic Novel

Barry Smith’s New Project.

Steve Rude On More Nexus In 2020.

Dragon Slayer Poster By Jeff Jones.

Web Of Spider-Man 1 Cover By Charles Vess.

The Raven Banner Drawn By Charles Vess.

Marvel Fanfare 35 Drawn By Charles Vess.

Marvel Fanfare 27 Drawn By Tony Salmons.

Dakota North Drawn By Tony Salmons.

John Watkiss.

New Scout Series By Tim Truman.

Sam Kieth.

Inked By Klaus Janson.

Inked By Terry Austin.

Paul Smith.

Denny O’neil.

Frank Bolle.

Stanley Pitt.

Kaluta’s Landspeeder.

Francisco V. Coching.

Francisco V. Coching.

Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter From Oneshi Press.

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