310 | Star Wars And Kurosawa

Everything starts off with Star Wars Visions which leads into Kurosawa.films, Solo: A Star Wars Story and The Sandman, both the Netflix show and comics. Dredd, Pathfinder and a couple of recent comics that were based off work Don read in the seventies. It all ends with Cliff Chiang, as everything always should.



Star Wars Visions.

Umbrella Lightsaber.

Star Wars Visions.

Star Wars Visions.

Akira Kurosawa.

Dave Filoni On Star Wars.

Seven Samurai.


The Hidden Fortress.

Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Star Wars: Clone Wars.

The Sandman On Netflix.

The Sandman Volume One By Neil Gaiman And Sam Kieth.
Cover By Dave McKean.

Sandman 50 Ramadan By Neil Gaiman And P. Craig Russell.
Cover By Dave McKean.

Sandman 19 A Midsummer’s Night Dream By Neil Gaiman And Charles Vess.
Cover By Dave McKean.

Dredd Film From 2012.

Judge Dredd From 1995.

Pathfinder Film.

Pathfinder Comic.

Battleworld Thors.

The Mighty Thor 364 By Walt Simonson.

Marvel Premiere 38 Weirdworld By Doug Moench, Mike Ploog And Alex Niño.

Weirdworld: Warriors of the Shadow Realm By Doug Moench,
John Buscema, Rudy Nebres And Peter Ledger.

Wierdworld: Warszones.

Fantastic Four 160.

X-Men King-Size Annual 3.

Beware The Creeper.

Detective Comics 44 Variant Cover By Cliff Chiang.

Batman: The Golden Streets Of Gotham.

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