97 | Influences, Sketchy LIne Style, Older Pulp Look, Creation And/Or Contribution

We start off with a discussion of influences, mention the difference between creation and contribution, and artists who work with a sketchy line style. Old Daredevil comics, the New Wonder Woman of the early seventies, Dial H For Hero and finish off with the Fantastic Four as always.



Conan By Gary Gianni.

Monstermen By Gary Gianni.

Gary Gianni On Prince Valiant.

The Shadow By Gary Gianni.

Tom Strong Pin-Up By Gary Gianni.

The Shadow By Michael Kaluta.

William Stout.

Roy Krenkel.

Mark Schultz.

Al Williamson.

Jack Kirby.

King Kull By John Severin.


Herb Trimpe Inked By John Severin.

Jack Kirby Inked By John Severin.

Jack Kirby Inked By John Severin.

Alex Toth.

Doug Wildey.

Scott McCloud Space Angel.

Gilbert Shelton.

Classics Illustrated: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea By Gary Gianni.

Gene Colan Pencils.

Gene Colan In Black And White.

Color Over The Pencils Of Gene Colan In Nathaniel Dusk 2.

Gene Colan Inked By Tom Palmer.

Gene Colan Inked By Klaus Janson.

Gene Colan Inked By Dick Giordano.

Gene Colan Inked By Vince Colletta.

Batman Detective 27 Is Not Only FREE, But Bill Finger Gets Cover Credit.
And Who Really Created Batman?

Origin Story By Bill Finger And Bob Kane.

The Case Of The The Chemical Syndicate.
By Brad Meltzer And Bryan Hitch.

Twenty-Seven By Scott Snyder And Sean Murphy.

Afterlife With Archie By Francesco Francavilla.

And Roddy McDowall Reads The Horror Stories Of H.P. Lovecraft.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa And Robert Hack.

Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina By Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa And Robert Hack.

Wonder Woman From The Early 70’s.

The Amazons Take Off To Another Plane Of Reality,
And Diana Gives Up Her Powers And Costume.

The New Wonder Woman Became Emma Peel.

Emma Peel.

Lois Lane Was Another Emma Peel Type Character In The Early Seventies,
But She Still Pined Over Superman.

I-Ching Was The Mentor Of Wonder Woman And Superman As Well.

Jeff Jones Cover.

Ms. Magazine.

Wonder Woman Animated DVD.

Bob Brown Inked By Klaus Jansen.

Frank Miller Inked By Klaus Janson.

Dark Knight Returns By Frank Miller, Klaus Janson And Lynn Varley.

Superman And Batman Used To Be Best Of Friends.

Adventure Time.

My Little Pony.

Daredevil By Gil Kane.

Daredevil Drawn By John Buscema.

John Byrne Draws Daredevil.

Supergirl Drawn By Jim Mooney.

Ms. Marvel Drawn By Jim Mooney.

Dial H For Hero By Dave Wood And Jim Mooney.

Silver Surfer Hides In The Microverse.

If Galactus Does Not Find The Silver Surfer, The Earth Is Doomed.

No Longer The Thing, Ben Grimm Give Everything He Has To Stop An Android.

Annihilus By Jack Kirby, Stan Lee And Joe Sinnott.

The Origin Of Annihilus By Stan Lee, John Buscema And Joe Sinnott.

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