220 | Free Comic Book Day And Instagram

It’s Free Comic Book Day and we finally get together to do another episode. A couple of free comics and some new books we were not aware of were discussed, then go into the major comic companies swiping each other. And Jack Kirby. We talk about him as well.


DOWNLOADFree Comic Book Day 2018.

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138 | Beware The Claws Of The Cat, Tigra The Were-Woman And Hellcat

Since Don Liked talking about Man-Wolf last episode, Al was forced to talk about the confusing history of the Bronze Age C list characters Tigra The Were-Woman, Beware The Claws Of The Cat, And Hellcat.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Five Man Electrical Band


Tigra The Were-Woman Was Introduced In Giant-Size Creatures 1.
Cover By Ron Wilson And Frank Giacoia.

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97 | Influences, Sketchy LIne Style, Older Pulp Look, Creation And/Or Contribution

We start off with a discussion of influences, mention the difference between creation and contribution, and artists who work with a sketchy line style. Old Daredevil comics, the New Wonder Woman of the early seventies, Dial H For Hero and finish off with the Fantastic Four as always.



Conan By Gary Gianni.

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