186 | Doom Patrol, Low And Alex And Ada

Dallas gives his take on the current Doom Patrol, which leads into a discussion of the different incarnations of the comic and Ted McKeever who had worked on it, but we didn’t know. The Vision, Ramona Fradon and the many awesome projects of Mark Chiarello.

Low: The Delirium Of Hope and the tight line of fantastic graphics and not being confusing is gone over, along with the third trade of Alex + Ada and text features In old comic books.



Doom Patrol 2 From DC Young Animal. Cover By Michael Allred.

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133 | Tarzan Artists And Comic Books From The Early Seventies

Al dedicates the episode to Vic Diaz, then joins Don in an episode long Pullapallooza. Joe Kubert’s Tarzan is discussed, along with his drawing and layout style. Al schools Don on Jay Scott Pike, and starts a discussion about Gray Morrow.

The Man-Thing, King Size Marvel books by Jim Starlin and Action Comics 413 carry on the middle part of the episode, then finish out with Tom Sutton, Dick Giordano, Burne Hogarth, Russ Manning and Barry Smith.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: hitomiElliott Smith


Tarzan 223 By Joe Kubert.

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