184 | Nexus, Dollar Boxes And Archie Collection

Mike Baron and Steve Rude’s current Nexus work starts this episode off, which quickly turns off to stock poses, The Lost Continent and Shade The Changing Girl 4. A lengthy dollar box segment is followed by Archie: A Celebration of America’s Favorite Teenagers. Pullapalooza finishes it out once again.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Dana Gillespiehitomi


Nexus: Into The Past And Other Stories By Mike Baron And Steve Rude.

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80 | Filipino Artists, DC Implosion And Random Comics

Al asks Don if there are any comics about beer and the conversation briefly goes onto The CPL, Filipino comic book artists Alex Nino and Alfredo Alcala. Wondering why Nestor Redondo’s King Arthur comic never came out, brought up the DC Implosion, Denny O’neil’s socially conscious work, Neal Adams’ angst driven work, and the unsung hero we know as Gray Morrow.

Then we went on to Mister X after Los Bros. Hernandez, Afterlife With Archie, She-Hulk and Spidey Super Stories.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: hitomiHoodoo Gurus


Duffy’s Tavern From Rog 2000 By Nicola Cuti And John Byrne.

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33 | Bring A Younger Audience

Don, Al and Dallas are joined once again by Don’s daughter, Holly, as we finally return to traditional comic book talk. We have some technical difficulties (Don’s a little hard to hear, so turn up the volume LOUD!!)

Don reviews the new Popeye #1 by IDW and reminisces about the character, and he discovers an indie book from the 90’s called Optic Nerve. We go on to discuss the merits of Free Comic Book Day, and ask the question: is it bringing in a younger audience to local comic shops?

Al talks romance comics from the 60’s, particularly Young Love featuring art by the master, John Romita Sr.

Dallas gushes about the masterpieces that is Chris Claremont’s run on Uncanny X-Men and reviews Rick Remender’s first handful of Uncanny X-Force issues.
Larry Marder’s Tales of the Beanworld gets an analysis, and Al finally reads Asterios Polyp!!!!



IDW’s Popeye.

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