194 | Doctor Strange And Books With No Plan To Read

Al started the episode off with a rant about the Marvel executive who says diversity may have alienated readers, which led into a discussion on the price of comics today, trade paperbacks and the culture of comics. Unfortunately, all of that is gone, because Don trashed the first half of the episode before it was produced. Sorry about that.

The surviving half discusses books that we didn’t plan on reading, but ended up liking anyway. And Doctor Strange, there was a lot about him.



Marvel Executive Says Diversity May Have Alienated Readers.
And Here Is What The Beat Says About It.

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Explicit 150 | Too Many Comics, Variant Covers And Other Comics We’ve Forgotten Or Haven’t Read

The Core Four burn through the first part of the show talking about how they met, then learn how Hashbrowns got his name. The question of are there too many comics these days? is brought up, and Al discusses the return of variant covers. Dallas gives a lukewarm review of Fantastic Four 352 after Don pushed it on him and Rook reviews Super Zero. And at the end Poison River, Chrononauts 1, Black Science and The Nevermen were talked about, but not very well. Enjoy!

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: The HorriblesPrince Whipper Whip


Are There Too Many Comics These Days?
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