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We start off with a question that does not get answered, then go into The Marvel Legacy Of Jack Kirby and some speculated changes in comic book publishing and distribution.Then we talk about events.


The Marvel Legacy Of Jack Kirby.

Speculation On The Future Of DC Comics From Ethan Van Sciver.

Marvel Collector’s Item.

Pokémon From Viz Media.

Yesterday’s Comics.

Amazing World Of DC Comics.


The Fantastic Art Of Frank Frazetta.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Record With Illustrations By Wally Wood.

Richie Rich.

Super DC Giant: Challengers Of The Unknown.

Don Was Incorrect, Tintin Never Ran In Pilote.

Blueberry In Pilote.

Marvel UK.

Asterix In Pilote.

Valerian Serialized In Tintin Magazine.

Valerian Serialized In Pilote.

The Beano With Dennis The Menace..

The Topper.

The Dandy With Desperate Dan.

Whizzer And Chips.

Metal Hurlant.

Pilipino Komiks.

Understanding Comics By Scott McCloud.

Francisco Coching.

Alfredo Alcala.

Larry Alcala.

The Multiversity: The Society Of Super-Heroes 1.

The Multiversity: Thunderworld 1.

Convergence: Shazam! 2.

DC’s Multiverse.

Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Captain Britain And The Introduction Of Multiple Earths.

Excalibur Explores Multiple Worlds.

Secret Wars.

Contest Of Champions.

King-Size Avengers 7.

King-Size Marvel Two-In-One. 2.



Cosmic Odyssey.

The New Frontier.

Death Of Superman.

Batman: The Adventures Continue.

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