186 | Doom Patrol, Low And Alex And Ada

Dallas gives his take on the current Doom Patrol, which leads into a discussion of the different incarnations of the comic and Ted McKeever who had worked on it, but we didn’t know. The Vision, Ramona Fradon and the many awesome projects of Mark Chiarello.

Low: The Delirium Of Hope and the tight line of fantastic graphics and not being confusing is gone over, along with the third trade of Alex + Ada and text features In old comic books.



Doom Patrol 2 From DC Young Animal. Cover By Michael Allred.

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179 | Young Animal, The Atomics And Reading Out Of Sequence

The conversation starts with Grant Morrison’s 18 Days, rolls into DC’s Young Animal books with an intention on talking about The Atomics for a long time. Reading comic books out of sequence finishes everything out.



Grant Morrison’s 18 Days. Artwork By Jeevan J. Kang.
From Graphic India.

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174 | Halloween, Bernie Wrightson And Doom Patrol

Join Don, Al and Dallas as they reminisce about Halloweens past!  The gang fumbles over their knowledge of the origins of Halloween, and Al relishes over Creepy Presents: Bernie Wrightson and explains the Egyptian tradition of a beetle on a string.

Then Don discusses DC’s new YOUNG ANIMAL imprint, including Doom Patrol and Shade the Changing Girl. After that, we plug Slow Robot a Go-Go and DaddyMindTricks.com

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett


Donald Duck: Trick Or Treat By Carl Barks.

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