204 | The Archies, Bug, Kirby Omnibus And Oneshi Press

A quick discussion of The Archies One Shot starts everything off and moves into Bug! The Adventures Of Forager and the many characters of Jack Kirby. G.I. Combat, comic book ads, differing art styles, The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume One and Oneshi Press finish everything out.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Yellow Magic Orchestra


The Archies One Shot With A Cover By Jaime Hernandez.

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203 | Valerian, Pullapalooza And Earth’s Final Chapter

Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 1 starts everything off, which sidetracks into the Squirrel Girl comic and the Valerian movie. Snow Piercer, listener mail and pullapalooza are discussed and we finish with a review of Earth’s Final Chapter From Endless Ink.


DOWNLOADValerian: The Complete Collection Volume 1.

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182 | Back-Up Stories, Alan Moore And New Versions Of Old Series

Talking about back-up stories led into Alan Moore and Swamp Thing, Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic EyeShade The Changing Girl, Groo Fray Of The Gods and Love And Rockets. Then Pullapalooza closes it out.



Flesh And Bones Featuring Dalgoda 3
By Jan Strnad And Dennis Fujitake.

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174 | Halloween, Bernie Wrightson And Doom Patrol

Join Don, Al and Dallas as they reminisce about Halloweens past!  The gang fumbles over their knowledge of the origins of Halloween, and Al relishes over Creepy Presents: Bernie Wrightson and explains the Egyptian tradition of a beetle on a string.

Then Don discusses DC’s new YOUNG ANIMAL imprint, including Doom Patrol and Shade the Changing Girl. After that, we plug Slow Robot a Go-Go and DaddyMindTricks.com

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett


Donald Duck: Trick Or Treat By Carl Barks.

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