225 | Steve Ditko, The Spectre And Books About Comic Book Heroes

Even though this is a comic book podcast, Al starts the conversation off asking about the film In The Mood For Love. The life and work of Steve Ditko is discussed for most of the show, then The Spectre, books about comic book heroes and Jules Feiffer are talked about as well.



Marvel Tales Reprints Was The First Time Al Saw Steve Ditko.

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203 | Valerian, Pullapalooza And Earth’s Final Chapter

Valerian: The Complete Collection Volume 1 starts everything off, which sidetracks into the Squirrel Girl comic and the Valerian movie. Snow Piercer, listener mail and pullapalooza are discussed and we finish with a review of Earth’s Final Chapter From Endless Ink.


DOWNLOADValerian: The Complete Collection Volume 1.

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157 | Darwyn Cooke, Mooncop, Scarlet Witch, Giant Size Comics And Jack Kirby

The episode opens saying farewell to Darwyn Cooke and give an appreciation to the fantastic work he left behind. Tom Gauld’s Mooncop, Scarlet Witch, Giant Size comics, Jack Kirby’s later work and Squirrel Girl finish it out.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Adrian BelewThe Cadets


Goodbye Darwyn Cooke. Thanks For All The Work.

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