159 | Following Creators Or Characters, Mad Paperbacks, And Pullapalooza

Even though Al starts off with a certain question, the conversation turns to following creators or following the characters, Mad paperbacks, Jeffrey Catherine Jones documentary and pullapalooza finish it out.



Although Al Hasn’t Read The Current State Of Captain America,
He Talks About What He Has Heard.

Logan’s Run 1 By Gerry Conway, George Perez And Klaus Janson.
Don Always Thought Archie Goodwin Wrote it. But He Was WRONG.

Logan’s Run 5 By David Anthony Kraft, George Pérez And Klaus Janson.

The Questionable Mad.

Dave Berg Looks At People.

Viva Mad By Sergio Aragones.

Don Martin Forges Ahead.

Don Martin: The Adventures Of Captain Klutz.

B.C. By Johnny Hart.

A Mad Guide To Party Conversation By Jack Rickard.

Mad Visits A Charity Organizational Meeting
By Larry Siegel And Joe Orlando.

The Lighter Side Of Smoking By Dave Berg.

A Mad Look At The Eating Habits Of Animals By Wally Wood.

Altar Ego By Dean Norman And Wally Wood.

Altar Ego By Dean Norman And Wally Wood.

Better Things: The Life And Choices Of Jeffrey Catherine Jones
A Film By Maria Paz Cabardo. And Here Is The Word Balloon Interview.

Tarzan By Jeffrey Catherine Jones.

Star Reach 2. Cover By Neal Adams.

Stephanie Starr By Mike Friedrich And Dick Giordano.

All A World Of Dreamers By Mal Warwick And Lee Marrs.

I’ve Got The Power! By Jim Starlin.

Key Club By John Workman.

Reincarnalation By Mike Vosburg.

Eerie 22 Cover By Vic Prezio.

H2O World! By Larry Ivie, Al Williamson And Roy Krenkel.

Family Curse By T. Casey Brennan And Tony Williamsune (Tony Tallarico).

The Devil To Pay By Archie Goodwin And Donald Norman.

Permanent Member! By Tom Sutton.

Eerie Fan Fare Drawing By Len Wein.

Eerie Fan Fare Drawing By Len Wein.

Scooped! By Bill Parente And Ernie Colon.

The Spirit Of The Thing! By Archie Goodwin And Steve Ditko.

Aurora Monster Scenes Model Kit Ad.

The Fantastic Four 154  By Stan Lee And Len Wein (Writers),
Dick Ayers And Bob Brown (Pencillers), Paul Reinman,
Frank Giacoia And Mike Esposito (Delineators)

Fantastic Four 149 By Gerry Conway, Rich Buckler And Joe Sinnott.

Wonderworld 10 From 1973. Cover By D. Bruce Berry.
Early Manga Ad That Appeared In The Back.

Jon Fury By Alex Toth.

The Count Of Monte Cristo By Jack Curtis (Jack Kirby).

The Count Of Monte Cristo By Jack Cortez (Lou Fine).

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