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Animated cartoons we watched as kids leads into cereal prizes and fast food premiums. Comics For Ukraine finally arrived, more Nancy talk and we discovered the work of Ben Sears. The many different Green Lanterns, Static and the horrifying journey Ms. Marvel took before taking on the mantel of Captain Marvel. Of course, that leads into the different Ant-Men, and the one and only Rain Like Hammers finishes it out.


Known As Prince Planet In The United States, But Started
Out In Japan As Yusei Shounen Papi | 遊星少年パピイ.


Marine Boy.


Dungeon And Dragons Cartoon.

Breakfast Barons, Cereal Critters And The
Rosenhain & Lipmann Legacy
By Craig L. Hall.

Searching For Kingly Critter By Barry Divola.

Cereal Premiums From R & L Company.

Avengers 126 By Steve Englehart, Bob Brown And Dave Cockrum.

Happy Meal Toys.

Shredded Wheat Story Dividers.

Comics For Ukraine Cover By Dave Johnson.

American Flagg! By Howard Chaykin.

Chew By John Layman And Rob Gilroy.

Star Slammers By Walt Simonson.

Talking To A Hill By Larry Hancock And Michael Cherkas.

Usagi Yojimbo By Stan Sakai.

Three Rocks: The Story of Ernie Bushmiller:
The Man Who Created Nancy By Bill Griffith.

Nancy By Olivia Jaimes.

Night Air By Ben Sears.

Volcano Trash By Ben Sears.

Guy Gardner.

The Green Lantern Corps 1

John Stewart From Green Lantern 87. Cover By Neal Adams.

Green Lantern 184 Cover By Gil Kane.

Cosmic Odyssey By Jim Starlin, Mike Mignola, Carlos Garzon,
Steve Oliff And John Workman.

John Stewart On The Justice League Animated Series.

Static Shock.



Condom Cover.

Iron Heart From Invincible Irron Man..

Ms. Marvel.

The Death Of Captain Marvel By Jim Starlin.

Monica Rambeau Was The Next Captain Marvel.

Carol Danvers Assumes The Captain Marvel Mantel In 2012.

Kamala Khan Became Ms. Marvel In 2013.

Avengers Annual 10.

Avengers Annual 10.

In Avengers 197 Ms. Marvel Became Pregnant.

Carol Danvers Becomes Binary In X-Men 164.

The Marvels.

Ant-Man Movie.

Scott Lang Becomes Ant-Man By Roger Stern, John Byrne And Bob Layton.

FF By Matt Fraction And Michael Allred.

Rain Like Hammers By Brandon Graham.

Multiple Warheads By Brandon Graham.

The Airtight Garage By Moebius.

Rain Like Hammers By Brandon Graham.

A Hundred Years Podcast.

Rain Like Hammers By Brandon Graham.

King City By Brandon Graham.

Rain Like Hammers By Brandon Graham.

Rain Like Hammers By Brandon Graham.

Rain Like Hammers By Brandon Graham.

The World According To Garp By John Irving.

The World According To Garp Starring Robin Williams.

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