408 | Free Comic Book Day

It is way past Free Comic Book Day, but here is a road show we did during that time. Give it a listen.



Invincible By Robert KirkmanCory Walker And Ryan Ottley.

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385 | Memory Triggers And Protecting Trademarks


Animated cartoons we watched as kids leads into cereal prizes and fast food premiums. Comics For Ukraine finally arrived, more Nancy talk and we discovered the work of Ben Sears. The many different Green Lanterns, Static and the horrifying journey Ms. Marvel took before taking on the mantel of Captain Marvel. Of course, that leads into the different Ant-Men, and the one and only Rain Like Hammers finishes it out.


Known As Prince Planet In The United States, But Started
Out In Japan As Yusei Shounen Papi | 遊星少年パピイ.

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255 | 70’s Kirby, Brandon Graham And Kikaida

Black Panther, The Eternals and 2001: A Space Odyssey were titles Jack Kirby created when he returned to Marvel. We talk about those as well as Brandon Graham’s Multiple Warheads 2 and Ishinomori Shotaro’s Kikaida.

Musical Spotlight: Anna O


Black Panther By Jack Kirby.

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134 | Island 1, Heroes Inc., Planetary, 70’s Comics And Diverse Comics You Cannot Find

Dallas, Al and Don team up for a comic-filled talk! Don gushes over the impressive looking Island #1 featuring ID by Emma Rios, Warheads 2: Ghost Town by Brandon Graham and Dagger Proof Mummy by Ludroe. Name dropping ensues as Al and Don reminisce about Heroes Inc. by Wally Wood.
Not to be outdone, Dallas goes on and on and on about Warren Ellis and John Cassaday’s magnum opus, PLANETARY. Al has some interesting commentary about some beautiful 70s comics including Marvel-Team Up, and George Perez’s Avengers run. Talk about how diverse the comics that are coming out of Image, like The Mercenary Sea, how hard they are to find, and how the movies don’t always translate to comic sales.

And If You Are In The Tampa Bay Area on Saturday, November 7, Drop By The BRASS MUG At 7:00pm – 12:00am To See Dungeon Boss In The Metal Extravaganza!!!

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Marky Ramone And The Intruders


Island 1.

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75 | Comics, Movies And Music

It’s our glorious episode 75 reunion! The entire crew is present tonight (but not at the same time). Here’s a rundown of what we talk about:

Al Jaffee • Afterlife With ArchieThor: God of ThunderHellraiser
Preacher by Garth Ennis And Steve Dillon • Thor: Tales of Asgard
Thor: The Mighty Avenger • King CityMultiple WarheadsChildren of PalomarLocas

The Hobbit – The Desolation of SmaugLovelace with Amanda Seyfried
Ray Harryhausen – Special Effects TitanGame of Thrones Black Sails
The Mighty HeroesWizardsHeavy Metal

Skinny PuppyStrung Out

Our Love of Whiskey: Michael Collins and Tullamore Dew
The merits of make-up & costumes over CGI in film
Dallas takes his nephew to get his first comic (spoiler: it’s the Ninja Turtles!)
The obligatory Walking Dead talk • Don vs. His Dog

(no relation to Thanos the Mad Titan or the Cosmic Cube)


Tall Tales By Al Jaffee.

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66 | Gene Luen Yang, The Silent Invasion And Other Black And White Series From The Eighties

Al and Don discuss American Born Chinese and Boxers • Saints by Gene Luen Yang, which leads into a discussion of making changes in foreign places you don’t understand, and how little Don actually knows about world history. The Silent Invasion By Michael Cherkas And Larry Hancock and other black and white series from the eighties. Golden age artists that didn’t make the transition into the silver age and cartoonists that went into advertising.



American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang.

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59 | Carl Barks, Harry Lucey, Brandon Graham, Francesco Francavilla And Stan Sakai

Al questions why Carl Barks is held in such high regard, so Don spends most of the show talking about him. After that Harry Lucey, Brandon Graham, Francesco Francavilla and Stan Sakai are discussed. Al also brings up the movie Comic Book Villains, and even though he forgot to mention it, ends the show with a song by Family.



Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories By Carl Barks.

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