245 | Comic Book Culture

We talk about the swampy climate in Florida, the state of Yancy Street Comics and the community that supports it. Lending out comics, Hellboy, comic collections Rook has read and Marvel movies.
Al talks about a photo from the 1969 New York Comic Con, Alan Davis, Jack Cole (again) and comics with challenge in the title.



Free Comic Book Day 2019.

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220 | Free Comic Book Day And Instagram

It’s Free Comic Book Day and we finally get together to do another episode. A couple of free comics and some new books we were not aware of were discussed, then go into the major comic companies swiping each other. And Jack Kirby. We talk about him as well.


DOWNLOADFree Comic Book Day 2018.

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204 | The Archies, Bug, Kirby Omnibus And Oneshi Press

A quick discussion of The Archies One Shot starts everything off and moves into Bug! The Adventures Of Forager and the many characters of Jack Kirby. G.I. Combat, comic book ads, differing art styles, The Jack Kirby Omnibus Volume One and Oneshi Press finish everything out.

MUSICAL SPOTLIGHT: Yellow Magic Orchestra


The Archies One Shot With A Cover By Jaime Hernandez.

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