220 | Free Comic Book Day And Instagram

It’s Free Comic Book Day and we finally get together to do another episode. A couple of free comics and some new books we were not aware of were discussed, then go into the major comic companies swiping each other. And Jack Kirby. We talk about him as well.


DOWNLOADFree Comic Book Day 2018.

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69 | Comic Titles Gone Into Oblivion And Reading Comic Books Online

Al and Don start out discussing forgotten titles that have seemingly gone into oblivion,
and later talk about a band that never made the shuffle to obscurity. Kind of strange that neither one cared for The Eagles, but they seem to know the material quite well anyway.



Omaha The Cat Dancer Finishes And Is Available From NBM.

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66 | Gene Luen Yang, The Silent Invasion And Other Black And White Series From The Eighties

Al and Don discuss American Born Chinese and Boxers • Saints by Gene Luen Yang, which leads into a discussion of making changes in foreign places you don’t understand, and how little Don actually knows about world history. The Silent Invasion By Michael Cherkas And Larry Hancock and other black and white series from the eighties. Golden age artists that didn’t make the transition into the silver age and cartoonists that went into advertising.



American Born Chinese By Gene Luen Yang.

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